Amazing Tasmania Road Trips for Couples

Tasmania is an island state off the southeast coast of Australia. It is characterized by incredible natural beauty – almost one-quarter of Tasmania has World Heritage status – and it is also steeped in colonial history with English-style towns dotted around the state. Known as the Apple Isle for its thriving apple industry, Tasmania is the perfect road trip destination for couples. Even though you can drive from one end or side of Tasmania to the other in half a day, there is so much to see and do in Tasmania it is an ideal place to explore by road, so you have time to take it all in. These are some of the best Tasmania road trips for couples.

Tasmania Road Trips for Couples - Groups Are A Trip

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Why is Tasmania a Great Destination for Couples?

Australia has fantastic attractions and famous locations so what makes Tasmania such a good destination for couples? One of the main reasons is the diversity of attractions in Tasmania. It doesn’t matter what your interests are – nature, hikes, history, art, wildlife, food – you’ll find something to like about Tasmania. Because it is a relatively small place, you can do a nature hike in the morning, enjoy amazing local produce for lunch, and look through a museum in the afternoon.

Accommodation in Tasmania is couples-friendly too. Plenty of cute cottages and bed and breakfasts have old-world charm or fantastic views that will give your holiday a romantic vibe. Finally, Tasmania is unlike anywhere else in Australia. The rainforests, rivers, alpine peaks, and colonial villages feel like something from a fairy tale. You will want to have someone next to you to share the wonder!

3 Amazing Tasmania Road Trips for Couples

Tasmania might be small, but it packs a lot in. You can’t drive for 30 minutes in Tasmania without finding something else to explore. For couples looking to do road trips in Tasmania, we describe the Devonport to Freycinet National Park drive, the road trip from Hobart to Strahan, and the drive from Bruny Island to the Tasman Peninsula. 

Hobart to Strahan Road Trip for Couples

Most people who visit Tasmania will fly into Hobart, so this is a great road trip once you have spent a couple of days looking around the capital.  It is 185 miles from Hobart to the wilderness town of Strahan on Tasmania’s rugged west coast. You can drive it in about 4.5 hours, but it could take 3 – 4 days if you stop at all the attractions. 

Day 1

After tracking the Derwent River as you leave Hobart, your first stop is the historic town of New Norfolk. It has antique shops, cafes, and cute B and B accommodations. The walk by the river in autumn is beautiful.

Day 2

Mount Field National Park is the next stop not far from New Norfolk. It is Tasmania’s oldest National Park and your first chance to experience some of the cool rainforest wilderness Tasmania is known for. There are several short walks you can do to explore Mount Field. The easy walk to Russell Falls where you can see glow worms at night and maybe a platypus at dawn and dusk is a highlight.

Mount Field Curious Campers
Photo credit: Curious Campers

Days 3 and 4

Lake St Clair is the mid-point of the drive from Hobart to Strahan and another stunning spot for nature lovers. Kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, and a host of native birds can be seen along the many walking tracks through this national park. There is some incredible accommodation here including the beautiful adults-only Pumphouse Point on the lake.

Days 5 to 6 or 7

The last part of this couples’ road trip takes you through the World Heritage Listed Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. The winding drive takes you through the forest past several lookouts and waterfalls to Strahan. Here, on a cruise up the glassy black Gordon River or heritage steam train ride through the wilderness you can see how this area went from logging country to being recognized as a rainforest wilderness of global importance.

Strahan Wilderness Railway
Strahan Wilderness Railway Photo: Curious Campers

Devonport to Freycinet National Park Drive

A popular option is doing a lap of Tasmania, and this road trip could be a continuation of the drive from Hobart to Strahan. Connecting the drives is Cradle Mountain, a stunning sub-alpine area with snow-capped peaks and walks for all ability levels. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Tasmania.

Day 1 and 2

If you have caught the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from mainland Australia, you will arrive in Devonport. This is another short drive – it is only 150 miles to Freycinet National Park. However, don’t be in a rush to drive off the ferry and leave Devonport. Have lunch at Spreyton Cider and sample some of the local products. The Tasmanian Arboretum is the best place in Tasmania if you want to spy a platypus and the House of Anvers Chocolates is heaven if you have a sweet tooth.

Freycinet Cruise
Photo credit: Curious Campers

Day 3

Heading away from Devonport, spend some time in the small village of Sheffield that has dozens of pieces of street art on its buildings. They have turned all of the main street into an art gallery. It is a lot of fun to walk around.

As you make your way towards the coast, you can take a detour to Ben Lomond National Park. It has Tasmania’s highest peak and is a popular skiing spot. When not covered in snow, the extremely windy drive-up Jacobs Ladder is one of the most iconic views in Tasmania.

Day 4

The small holiday town of Bicheno is beautiful and the perfect base for exploring Freycinet National Park. In Bicheno go on a fairy penguin spotting tour and check out some Australian wildlife at East Coast Nature World. There is some great seafood at several of the cafes around town too.

Day 5 and 6

This road trip ends at the amazing granite peaks, turquoise water, and beautiful beaches of Freycinet National Park. There are lots of great walks around the park, and the hike to Wineglass Bay is one of the most popular. Going on a cruise is the best way to take in the dramatic scenery and see some of the local marine life including seals, dolphins, and whales.

Bruny Island Road Trip and Food Trail

This might not be the longest of the Tasmania road trips, but it will be one of the most delicious! Bruny Island is just off the east coast of Tasmania. In fact, it is only a 30-minute drive from Hobart to Kettering where you catch the ferry for a 30-minute cruise across to Bruny Island.

Despite Bruny Island being so easy to get to – there are multiple ferry services each day – you could plan to spend 3 or 4 days driving around the island taking in all the artisan food offerings and natural beauty.

Bruny Island Curious Campers
Photo credit: Curious Campers

Day 1

Bruny Island is a food lover’s delight. No sooner have you rolled off the ferry, than you will spot Bruny Island House of Whiskey. If it is a bit early in the day for a stop there, you can drive on and try Bruny Island Honey, Bruny Island Cheese Company, Bruny Island Chocolates, Get Shucked Oysters, and Bruny Island Premium Wines. To top it off, have dinner at the Bruny Island Hotel. 

Day 2

Fortunately, there are some beautiful nature walks to burn off all those gourmet calories. On your next day, go for a short or long walk through the bushland, around the lagoons, and along the beaches on Bruny Island. The 7.5-mile Cape Queen Elizabeth Track is one of the most popular walks.

Bruny Island is bursting with wildlife. There is a huge variety of birds, and the island is also home to ghostly-looking white wallabies.

Day 3

To finish off your Bruny Island Road Trip you take to the water again, but not on a slow-moving ferry. Get aboard a powerful jet boat for a dash around the towering cliffs, waterfalls, and blowholes along Bruny Island’s coast. The Dolomite cliffs are up to 200m high. On the cruise, you will also spot marine life including whales from May to October.

Travel Tips for a Couple’s Road Trip in Tasmania

Car hire in Tasmania

There are two options for car or camper hire in Tasmania. You can fly to Tasmania from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane and hire a car in Tasmania which you pick up from the airport.

The other option, if you are already driving around Australia, is to take your vehicle on the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry that departs from Geelong near Melbourne. 

What is the Best Month to Visit Tasmania?

To avoid crowds, don’t go to Tasmania in January even though this is when it is warmest. April-May is lovely for the Tasmanian autumn color. September to October is also a great time to drive around Tasmania. It snows in Tasmania from June to August which can make driving through some parts tricky, but it is also incredibly beautiful.

How long should you stay in Tasmania?

Allow no less than 5 days to do one of these Tasmania road trips. It might be Australia’s smallest state, but it is packed with activities and stunning scenery. If you have 10 to 14 days to explore that is ideal.

Where Should You Stay in Tasmania?

One of the best things about Tasmania is the accommodation options. Boutique, cozy, and charming is all commonly used to describe the accommodation choices in Tasmania. There are also caravan parks throughout Tasmania, usually positioned in beautiful locations, that offer a range of accommodation styles for travelers.

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