100 Games to Play on a Family Vacation

If you are planning a multigenerational trip, odds are you might stay in a vacation rental or all-inclusive resort so everyone can spend time together. At some point, the question will arise, what should we do with all of our free time? While there will obviously be local attractions, there will also be free time to eat, watch movies, or even have family game nights. To help plan your trip, here are some of our favorite family vacation games.

Family Vacation Games for All Ages-Multigenerational Vacations

100 Fun Games to Play with Your Family on Vacation 

Many large family vacation rentals offer a variety of board games and outdoor games, but it can be just as easy to bring your own games or try one of the following vacation games that require no advance planning. And if for some reason this list doesn’t give you any ideas, ask family members for their favorite games to play with family.

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Family Vacation Games for All Ages

1. If you are looking for a way to spend an afternoon together on a rainy day in your RV or vacation rental the classic game of Clue is a great, fun game that also helps to build logic and reasoning skills. 

2. The board game Sorry can be so hilarious when playing with family and friends. You’ll love hearing your kids exaggerating their soooooo rrrr yyyy. 

3. Pictionary makes for a fun game when you have a good sized group together. It’s simple, yet difficult because everyone’s drawing skill is vastly different. 

4. From classic Trivial Pursuit to Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit this classic trivia game comes in so many varieties you are sure to find one that your family will be thrilled to play.

5. Comparing one thing to another is a natural part of human language. Apples to Apples forces you to make comparisons using only cards in your hand which may or may not always fit which can be hilarious. 

6. No matter where you are traveling Ticket to Ride is a marvelous family game to take along. The goal of the game is to make as many railway paths as you can to rack up the most points. But, with everyone trying to make paths you can find yourself blocked pretty quickly.

7. Sequence is simple enough for young children to play but challenging enough for adults. This is both a car and board game that simply requires matching, but everyone is trying to match so you’ll get blocked again and again.

8. Who doesn’t love the idea of playing the role of spies, and figuring out Disney Code Names and solving clues? With as few as four players this game can be played but the more you have the bigger the teams as the Spy Master tries to guide their team to victory. (There are several editions, but the Disney is the one of the best games to play with family).

9. A classic party game like Charades is fantastic to play whenever you have a group and want a lively entertaining day. 

10. This list of Truth or Dare activities is a kid-friendly way to play a classic party game.

Charades family reunion games-Multigenerational Vacations

11. The game Qwirkle is a simple concept but when trying to match both color and shape as well as play against others strategies you’ll find yourself re-thinking at every move.

12. 20 Guesses is a guessing game that can be played literally anywhere. All it takes is an imagination and the ability to ask some questions to try to guess the answer.

13. When you aren’t at home and only have what’s in your suitcase and toiletries bag What’s in the Bag is a game that can be put together easily. You’ll just need some type of paper bag, place a variety of items in the bag, let everyone have a feel, then write down their guess as to what is in the bag. 

14. Set is another matching game where you match three cards to make a set. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds because the types of matches vary. 

Family Word Games

15. Spot-it is simple in concept because you simply match pictures, but since after every match you change cards it’s challenging enough for anyone to have fun playing.

16. Another great word game is of course, Bananagrams. Which is easy to pack in a suitcase for on-the-go travel fun.

17. Shake it, mix it, and set the timer to make as many words as possible with Boggle.

18. The classic crossword game Scrabble is always a great option when traveling with family or friends.

Family Card Games

19. The card game Rack-o is simple in concept but is harder than you think as you work to put a series of cards into order from lowest to highest. 

20. In the card game Mille Bornes everyone must follow the rules of the road as you collect points to complete a trip of a thousand miles. 

21. In this fast-paced card drafting game of Sushi Go everyone is trying to make the best combination of sushi dishes based upon the scoring combinations made clear in the rules.

Click here to find easy to make vacation meals for a crowd!

22. Skip-bo is another fun card game to play with family. The goal is to sequence cards to make four shared building piles and be the first to empty your own stockpile.

23. The card game Push is a short-play game that can be played in under 30 minutes. 

24. The Oregon Trail card game is based upon the video game from the 1980s. The goal is to go from Missouri to Oregon without dying. And, yes, many will die along the way. An amusing game to play whenever you are traveling out west. 

25. The game Pokeno combines two classic family vacation games into one. Poker and keno and can be played with up to thirteen players. 

26. Rummy is a classic card game that’s so easy to play and requires only a standard deck of cards. Each player draws and discards as they seek to make sets and runs and be the first to use all their cards. The game is usually played to a score of 500 but can be adapted to any goal that works for your group.

27. An easy card game for any age is Crazy 8’s with one simple goal, be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand. 

28. Spoons is an easy game to play and requires very little set-up. All you need is a standard deck of cards and enough spoons for all but one player. The goal is to make a set of four of a kind, sneak grab a spoon and wait while the other players grab to see who is left without a spoon.

29. Euchre is a team play game that is made up of two teams consisting of four players. If you can double that you can play tournament style making for a relaxing afternoon of competitive play.

30. A card game of tricks and trumps makes for a competitive evening when you play Spades.

31. Classically engaging and full of thrill and frustration makes Hearts a wonderful game to play whenever you’re gathered with friends and family.

32. For family play you can use candy or pennies as tokens to play this game of Ninety-nine. You’ll need three or more players for this game that requires counting and concentration.

Kids playing cards on vacation-Multigenerational Vacation

33. Knock-out Whist is played in seven rounds and the goal is to take as many tricks as possible in a round. It’s not difficult to play so kids and adults alike will enjoy this game play.

34. Play Palace with two to five players by simply discarding the cards in your hand. The goal is to not be the last player holding cards.

35. Who will lose is the goal of the game of Karma. If you are traveling with a large group you can combine two games together to accommodate up to 12 players.

36. Discover 40 more great card games to play wherever you find yourself with just a deck of cards for entertainment.

37. For Kings in the Corner be the first to get rid of all your cards as you play sequencing cards on four foundations. This game can be played by 2-4 players using a standard deck of cards. 

38. Playing Presidents is a rank and file game where one player takes the lead by becoming the President by going out first, subsequent ranks are followed by the next to go out and so forth. You’ll need a minimum of four players but can be played up to about 7 with a standard deck of cards. 

39. Highest score wins by making melds on your own or other players melds. When a meld of seven is completed you’ve made a Canasta. You’ll need one deck for every two players to play in large groups.

40. The game of Snap is a matching game using cards. You can use any type of cards to play, standard deck, old maid, go fish, memory, it doesn’t matter what type. 

41. Whether you play for monetary stakes of potato chips this Texas Holdem Poker is a classic game that is thrilling for everyone. 

42. Thirty-one is one of the world’s oldest card games and is a simple concept. Try to get as close as possible to 31 points in your hand by drawing and discarding on each turn. 

43. This fast-paced, quick-play game 3 Up 3 Down is family friendly fun for any family with two to six players.

44. The Scoops is a family-friendly card game that lets kids aged 5 and older practice their addition and simple multiplication skills while having fun. Players build ice cream sets by matching bases, scoops, and toppings in order to collect the most points to win the game.

Family Strategy Games

45. Catan or Settlers of Catan is a fun land grab game where all the players, or settlers try to gain the most land on the island of Catan.

46. This family vacation game builds the medieval French fortress of Carcassonne. As players place tiles their goal is to build roads, fields, and monasteries to gain points. 

47. Jenga tests your patience and steadiness as you slide blocks out of a block tower. You can find a Jenga Mini version which makes it a bit easier to take along to your vacation rental.

Family playing Jenga-Multigenerational Vacations

Dice Games to Play with a Group

48. Whether your family enjoys the thrill of a poker game or kids are building their counting skills, the dice game Yahtzee is always a great family fun game.

49. Farkle is a similar type of dice game but rather than building the best hand each roll is scored based on the best roll possible.

Fun Games to Play with Teens

50. When you’re hanging with a group of teens or adults the game Coup. This bluffing game is all about whether or not you can successfully be the last man standing. 

51. Looking for something a bit unexpected? Quelf is a game with only one rule… obey the card. Thus, this game will constantly have you guessing about what to expect next.

52. When you take along a set of Dominos you’ll have a wide variety of games that you can play. This list of A to Z Domino Games will keep you busy for days.

BONUS: Mind the Gap is a generational-based trivia game where players work with friends/family from different generations to answer pop culture trivia questions. The perfect game to bring families together.

Family Games You Can Play Anywhere

53. A game of Match can be played from any location you might find yourself whether you are staying in a cabin, an RV, or a hotel room. 

54. Finish the story is easy to play since it only involves using your imagination. Everyone sits in a circle and the first person says a sentence. Each person goes around adding a new sentence to the sentences that have already been shared until the story is finished.

55. In the game Would You Rather, you can either write out your own questions (example: would you rather be a unicorn or a dragon?), or use this book, filled 160 questions, that will have everyone discussing and debating the answers.

56. In the car, or in a hotel room Guess the Song is a marvelous game that tests your musical knowledge and all you need is a musical playlist to play.

57. No matter where you find yourself playing I Spy with My Little Eye is possible because all you need are eyes and your surroundings to play.

58. This Never Have I Ever game has 130+ clean, family friendly, questions that are good for family vacations and getting togethers with friends.

59. Learn more about each other as you each take turns telling Two Truths and a Lie. Everyone then must decide which is true and which is the lie.

100 Awesome Family Games to Play on Vacation-Multigenerational Vacations

60. A favorite family reunion game, Werewolf, or Mafia is a role play game that everyone will enjoy.

61. These Minute to Win It games are made using simple, everyday items like cups, balls, tape, string and other common items. Yet, using them in unexpected ways makes it difficult to compete against an opponent to gain the advantage and win the minute.

62. Spend an afternoon solving a free Murder Mystery Game.

63. This printable Shout It! Game from Gumroad is uproariously fun as everyone shouts a word that matches the first letter of the picture shown. The first person to shout the correct answer keeps the card and the one with the most cards at the end winds. 

64. A fantastic game to learn how other people think is The Bowl Game. All you need is paper, pencils, and a bowl.

65. Another game where all you need is paper, pencil and a bowl is The Name Game, fun for all ages.

66. Playing Telephone is interesting as people realize it’s so hard to repeat information accurately from one person to the next. 

67. Of course musical chairs are a boisterous game to play with kids and adults alike. Discover even more Musical Party Games that are equally exciting.

Musical chairs games to play on vacation-Multigenerational Vacations

68. To laugh or not to laugh that’s the goal of The Laughing Game. And there will be plenty of laughter for sure. 

69. The party game We Are is simply a game where you take turns as a finishing the sentence of who and what your family is. Say “We are…” then finish the sentence. Play continues until someone can’t finish the sentence without repeating. 

70. Similarly, you can play “If I were a superhero…” taking turns to finish the sentence.

Outdoor Games for Large Groups

71. A wonderful time-honored game for outdoor play is Horseshoes. And, there are on-the-go sets that can be packed up and taken along to play anywhere.

72. If you are from the Midwest then you know all about Corn Hole. This game requires a board and bean bags to play. Often you can find them in rental homes tucked away in garages or closets. 

73. The classic Badminton game requires some rackets, a shuttlecock and a net to play. But, if you get creative you can make up your own game using a variety of other items which may be available to you in your vacation rental. Use paper plates for rackets, a wad of paper for a shuttlecock and string or a blanket for the net. 

74. Another version of volleyball is Blanket Volleyball. In this game teams use a blanket to volley the ball back and forth between teams without letting the ball drop.

75. Two teams, a flag, and enough space to have two home bases is all you need to play Capture the Flag.

76. If you are traveling with young children and need to let them get out some energy Red Light/Green Light is a wonderful game that does just that. 

77. Another energy burning game is Simon Says. This classic game has been played for decades by kids of all ages.

78. Play this Statue & Tourist game with zero prep. It just requires willing players and an area to play in. A great game for roadside stops or cabin yards.

79. When traveling with friend and kids groups Red Rover is a good game that requires no prep and helps expel pent up energy.

80. This classic Meditteranean game called Bocce Ball can be played while traveling. You’ll need to pre-pack or buy a set of balls when you arrive. You won’t need a ton of room but an outdoor area is required.

81. Lawn Twister is a fun twist on an old classic. It can be played outdoors anywhere you go. All you need is four cans of contractor’s marking paint (which washes off) and you can paint your Twister board anywhere. 

82. This one can be prepped ahead and taken along to the beach or campground. Learn how to make this Frisbee Tic-tac-toe.

83. A volleyball and a net are all you need to play this fun backyard game. But, any ball, or even a balloon can be adapted for unexpected fun and exercise.

Family volleyball game-Multigenerational Vacations

84. A fun game to play outdoors in the evening is Flashlight Tag using these directions.

85. Kick the Can is a hide-n-seek variation. Whoever is it has to protect a can located in a central location within a circle. The hiders then try to run and kick the can when the seeker is trying to find them. Thus, they have to go put the can in place before they can continue the hunt.

86. Mother May I, also known as Captain May I is a standard kids game similar to Simon Says. The “it” person plays the mother or captain and gives direction individually to the players. Before performing the action the player must ask, “Mother (or Captain) may I?” and they are either given permission or not. If the player fails to ask permission before performing the action they are eliminated from play. 

87. The hide and seek game Camouflage is a fast-paced, exciting game that is great to play in medium to large size groups. 

88. A good getting to know you game is Question Beach Ball

89. Have you ever formed a human knot? The fun comes in trying to untie the knot by moving without breaking hand holds. 

90. A beach ball, or playground ball is all you need to play the ever loved game, Dodgeball

91. Another dodgeball type game is Protect the President. In this game the positions change throughout the game which means it’s always getting mixed up. 

92. It’s messy, it’s tasty, and it’s uproariously fun. It’s The Banana Split Game.

93. Have a bag of marshmallows on your vacation? Why not play the Chubby Bunny game?

94. Wink Assassin is a no-prep game played in a circle or sitting around a room. The “assassin” winks to murder players while a “detective” tries to figure out who it is before all the players are killed off.

95. This Baby in the Air water balloon game is played outdoors and all you need are some balloons, partially filled with water, and an outdoor play area.

96. This Find the Leader game can be played anywhere. You’ll just need about 8 or more people to effectively play, though smaller groups may be able to manage. 

97. Cooperative play is the name of this game. Form small groups and then challenge them to Cross the River without “falling off” the provided safe stepping stones.

98. Ultimate Frisbee is a game that can get competitive but is a no-contact sport. You’ll need an area large enough for throwing a frisbee and be able to set up two of some type of goals.

99. A classic game but always fun is Kickball. And what’s great about it is it’s fun to play no matter the age group you have gathered. 

100. Everyone loves donuts! This Donut on a String game is tasty and hilarious as contestants try to be the first player to eat all of their donut.

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100 Fun Games for a Family Vacation