18 Group Travel Planning Apps That Make Life Easier

Planning a group vacation with a number of different people can be a fun yet challenging endeavor. It requires effective coordination, communication, and savvy budget management. Whether you’re the group leader or just a member of your traveling group, you should check out the best group travel planning apps that will make the process smooth and simple.

Best Travel Apps for a Group Trip - Groups Are A Trip

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Group Travel Planning Apps to Organize Your Next Trip

There are a variety of mobile apps that are designed to simplify vacation planning and help while you’re traveling on the trip. In this comprehensive guide, we have the top-notch mobile apps that are the very best for group travel planning, whether it involves accommodating different budgets, organizing an unforgettable friend group getaway, or discovering expert tips for the best deal on anything from train tickets to hotel rooms.

1. Wanderlog

​Wanderlog is the ultimate travel companion when you’re planning for a diverse group of friends, each with their own unique budgets and preferences. Whether you have a smaller group or you have a lot of group members in your travel party, this comprehensive travel app empowers every member to contribute their preferences and financial constraints. Hopefully this will ensure a smooth, fun trip for the whole group. 

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From finding budget-friendly hotel choices to meticulously mapping out the best time for spa appointments, Wanderlog covers every aspect of your adventure. It can even create a detailed itinerary to help you get started.

With its seamless integration with Google Maps, you can easily chart your course and discover the hidden gems that will make your group trip the best thing you’ve ever done together.

Wanderlog offers a free version with basic features, but it also has a premium paid subscription plan called “Wanderlog Pro” for advanced features. Download on App Store or Google Play

2. Shared Notes (iPhone)

Communication is key when coordinating a group adventure, and Notes on iPhone helps you maintain clear and concise group texts and notes. From hashing out travel dates and sharing to-do lists to keeping track of key things to remember during your journey, this feature keeps the whole group informed and organized.

Shared Notes is a built-in feature on iOS devices, and it’s free to use. All you have to do is create in your Notes app and then select that you want to share.

3. Tab

Handling expenses for a large friend group can be a challenge, but Tab simplifies it by helping you keep track of who owes what. This app’s seamless functionality makes sure that everyone enjoys the whole trip without any financial hiccups, allowing your group to focus on the fun of your adventure.

Tab is a free app for splitting expenses. Download on App Store or Google Play

4. Trip Splitter

The mobile app Trip Splitter is an indispensable tool for meticulous expense management. Its ability to maintain a comprehensive record of spending is particularly valuable when dealing with different budgets and a variety of preferences. 

Whether you’re tracking expenses for a long-term trip or ensuring that everyone contributes their fair share at dinner, this app has got you covered.

Trip Splitter offers a free version with basic features, but it also has a premium paid subscription plan for additional features. Download on App Store or Google Play

5. Splitwise

Managing expenses — even with a large group of people — becomes a breeze with Splitwise. This free travel planning app is designed to create fairness and financial transparency. No one wants to be bogged down with financial worries during a trip, and Splitwise ensures that everyone enjoys their vacation without worrying about budget disparities. 

Splitwise group travel app
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It’s a reliable tool for tracking who owes what, making sure your friend group’s budget remains intact throughout your adventure.

Splitwise is a free app for expense splitting and management. Download on App Store or Google Play

6. Facebook Group (FB Group)

Creating a private Facebook Group is a great way to facilitate communication about trip plans within your friend group. It’s also one of our favorite platforms to use when planning a family reunion. This is a versatile platform for discussing everything from the tourist attractions you want to visit to organizing group conversations and answering questions from your fellow travelers.

The platform allows for discussions, event planning, and real-time updates. This is a great free travel app for keeping everyone in the loop.

Creating and using private Facebook Groups is free. Download on App Store or Google Play

7. WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp is the perfect way to coordinate a travel-based group chat instead of working your way through texts with everyone’s phone number or email threads when planning. It’s an ideal platform for coordinating plans and sharing arrival times with your friend group. 

Stay connected, share travel ideas when planning, or meet up locations when at your destination. You can make the most of your adventure with this reliable messaging app that ensures everyone is on the same page. This app uses your device’s data or wifi to send the messages, so it doesn’t charge you any international rates. 

WhatsApp is a free messaging app. Download on App Store or Google Play

8. GroupMe

​GroupMe elevates group messaging with advanced features like event planning and location sharing. It is perfect for keeping everyone informed and connected during your friend group’s journey. Using the app is a simple way to ensure that every member of the group can be a part of the process of working out travel details, and helps you stay connected while traveling.

GroupMe Apple App Store
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GroupMe is a free messaging app. Download on App Store or Google Play

9. TripIt

Streamlining the planning process for your group of friends is effortless with TripIt. This sophisticated app automatically generates a master itinerary that includes hotel bookings, real-time flight alerts, and key things to do during the trip. 

This trip planner app also keeps all of your confirmation numbers for hotel reservations, flight information, and rental cars all in one spot. It’s a must-have tool for ensuring everyone in the group is well-prepared and informed.

TripIt offers both a free version with basic features and a premium paid annual subscription plan called “TripIt Pro” for enhanced features. It’s great for keeping all of the important details in one place. This is one of the best travel planner apps out there. Download on App Store or Google Play

10. Band

​Band is a fantastic communication hub for friend groups, offering document sharing via Google Docs, creating shared photo albums, and maintaining group chats for discussions.

GroupMe app
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This is the best way to keep everyone engaged and informed about the latest developments and ideas throughout the planning process and the journey.

Band is a free communication app. Download on App Store or Google Play

11. Coordle

When coordinating activities for groups with varying preferences, Coordle shines by simplifying the process of finding the best time for group activities and excursions and allowing all planning to happen in one centralized app. It ensures a good time for everyone, making it easy to have an unforgettable adventure. 

Coordle offers a free version with basic features, but it also has a premium paid subscription plan for additional features. Download on App Store or Google Play

12. Family Album

Preserving cherished memories is easy with Family Album, a private photo-sharing app that lets you create dedicated photo albums to relive the highlights of your adventure with your friend group. Share expert tips and insider knowledge through images and captions that encapsulate your experiences.

Group of people traveling

Family Album offers a free version with basic features, but it also has premium paid subscription plans for more storage and features. Download on App Store or Google Play

13. Shared Photo Albums

Capture every moment of your adventure by using Shared Phone Albums, available for use on both iOS and Android devices. Ensure that each member of the friend group contributes their photos to create a complete visual narrative of the experiences from your trip.

This feature is available on iOS and Android devices, and it’s part of the phone’s functionality. It’s one of the best free travel planner apps for organizing your group’s memories.

14. Troupe

​Troupe makes decision-making easy within smaller groups by facilitating the process of selecting activities and planning excursions together. It ensures that the travel itinerary aligns with the diverse preferences and expectations of your friend group, guaranteeing a well-rounded adventure that everyone will love.

Troupe offers a free version with basic features, but it also has premium paid subscription plans for additional features. Download on App Store or Google Play

15. Tripline

Tripline introduces a creative quality to your group travel experience by enabling the creation of captivating interactive travel maps. These maps serve as an engaging showcase of your journey’s route and highlights. This makes it easier for your friend group to relive the adventure and share their travel tips with others.

Tripline app
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Tripline offers a free version with basic features, but it also has premium paid subscription plans for more advanced features. Download on App Store or Google Play

16. TravelSpend

​TravelSpend is great for streamlining expense management. It simplifies the process of splitting costs among friends or family members with real-time expense tracking, and it converts currencies automatically. TravelSpend empowers group travelers to stay on top of their financial commitments, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the trip without financial stress. 

Thia app also offers analytical data about your spending so that you can track what you’re spending the most (or the least) on. 

TravelSpend is a free app for tracking travel expenses. Download on App Store or Google Play

17. Google Maps

Google Maps has a function called My Maps that can be used to create personalized maps for different destinations. It’s a great addition to your next trip with family and/or friends. 

You can drop pins on the best places to visit, separate maps by different cities, pin the must-try restaurants, landmarks, and museums, and navigate to the nearest transportation hubs. Everyone can share this travel map, making it essential to have it on everyone’s phones.

It also works as a typical map app showing the best routes and travel time between destinations. You can also get offline access if you don’t have phone service.

Google Maps is a free application that works on Android and iOS. Download on App Store or Google Play

18. SaveTrip

SaveTrip is another app that can be used by family members to plan trip itineraries together. You could work together on each day, or split your trip days between family members and let everyone plan a day. 

After you have planned your days you can present your ideas to the group. The next step is to vote on things, set a budget, and agree on travel. You can even make a vision board using the notes tool. 

SaveTrip Group planning app
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Once you take the trip, you can manage a budget, share costs, and use the integrated Google Maps feature to get around. 

This app is free to download and use. Download on App Store or Google Play

Mastering the art of group travel planning with different budgets and varying preferences can be challenging. With these indispensable mobile apps, it can be an easy experience that allows everyone to relax and have fun. With apps like these, you can be your own travel agent. Use these travel apps to put together a successful trip with all of your friends and family.

From expense management to communication and itinerary planning, these apps cater to every aspect of group getaways. So, gather your favorite people, download one of these great travel tools, and get ready to easily make some amazing travel plans!