9 Best Places to Go in Portugal for Couples

With its rich history, rugged coastal charm, and expansive beaches, Portugal is a paradise for couples seeking adventure and relaxation. Join me as I explore these romantic gems and more in this detailed guide to the best places to go in Portugal for couples.

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Most Romantic Places to Visit in Portugal for Couples

Imagine strolling hand-in-hand through Porto’s cobblestone streets, each corner revealing another cozy wine bar or a stunning view of the Douro River. Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife and historic trams offer a perfect blend of excitement and heritage, while the Algarve’s Lagos enchants with its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters. 

For wine lovers, the Douro Valley is unmatched, with its terraced vineyards and exquisite port wines. And for a fairytale adventure, there is no other destination than Sintra to add to your Portugal couple’s itinerary. 

Each romantic destination in Portugal is a unique gem, offering couples the chance to explore, indulge, and create unforgettable memories against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty and culture.

1. Porto

Porto, Portugal’s northern gem, captivates couples with its romantic allure, combining ancient charm with culinary delights. 

Start your journey at the Dom Luís I Bridge, where hand-in-hand, you can watch the sunset over the Douro River in hues of gold, offering a moment of serene connection. 

Venture into the heart of Porto to Taylor’s, one of the most esteemed port wine cellars. We recommend a guided tasting tour that reveals the intricacies of port wine production, enhancing your appreciation for Portugal’s iconic drink. 

Porto Portugal

For a memorable meal, dine at DOP by Rui Paula. The chef renowned for reinterpreting traditional Portuguese cuisine in a modern, romantic setting, perfect for a special evening. 

Don’t miss a visit to Livraria Lello in the Baixa neighborhood, one of the best places to stay in Porto. This is often cited as one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores, where its stunning staircase and enchanting ambiance inspire whispered conversations and shared dreams. 

2. Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal’s vibrant capital, is a treasure trove of experiences for couples seeking romance amid its historic streets and modern vibe. 

Begin your exploration in Alfama, the city’s oldest and one of the most romantic neighbourhoods in Lisbon, where the narrow, winding streets and traditional Fado music bars create an intimate atmosphere for evening outings.

For a touch of luxury, stay at Memmo Alfama, a boutique hotel offering stunning views of the Tagus River and a secluded feel within the city’s historic heart.

Streets of Lisbon accessibility issues

Take a leisurely ride on Tram 28, which weaves through Lisbon’s picturesque neighborhoods, providing a charming way to see the city’s highlights together. Stop at Belém to sample the iconic Pastéis de Belém, a sweet treat that’s best enjoyed in the company of your significant other.

For dinner, venture to Time Out Market Lisboa, where you can indulge in a gastronomic journey sampling dishes from some of Portugal’s finest chefs, making for a lively and delicious shared experience.

Cap off a day of exploration at Park, a rooftop bar offering breathtaking views of the city and a cozy spot to enjoy a cocktail as the sun sets, wrapping up your day in romance and beauty. 

3. Lagos, Algarve

Lagos, nestled in the heart of the Algarve Coast, is a paradise for couples in search of sun, sea, and secluded spots. Renowned for its stunning beaches and dramatic cliffs, this best Algarve town offers the perfect setting for romance. 

Begin your stay in this romantic Portugal destination at Casa Mãe, a boutique hotel that boasts a blend of traditional Portuguese architecture and modern design, providing a peaceful retreat just a short walk from Lagos’ vibrant centre.

Spend your days exploring the secluded coves of Ponta da Piedade by kayak, navigating through crystal-clear waters and discovering hidden beaches accessible only by water. This adventure offers couples a unique way to connect with nature and each other in a serene setting.

For an unforgettable dining experience, book a table at Orta, where the focus on fresh, local ingredients and inventive dishes complement the intimate atmosphere, making it ideal for a romantic evening.

Don’t miss a sunset stroll along Meia Praia, a vast stretch of golden sand where the setting sun paints the sky in vibrant colors, offering a picturesque end to your day. 

4. Douro Valley

The Douro Valley, Portugal’s famed wine region, is a haven for couples drawn to the romance of rolling vineyards and world-class wines. 

Embark on a journey through the valley aboard a traditional Rabelo boat, cruising along the Douro River with the vine-covered hills unfolding around you. This peaceful experience offers a picturesque backdrop for memorable moments together.

Douro Valley Portugal for couples

For an intimate vineyard experience, visit Quinta do Crasto, known for its stunning infinity pool overlooking the Douro and its exceptional range of wines. Here, you can enjoy a private tour and tasting, learning about the wine-making process while sampling some of the region’s finest exports.

Stay at Quinta da Pacheca, a wine estate turned boutique hotel, where you can sleep in barrel-shaped suites for a truly unique experience amidst the vineyards. This romantic setting not only promises tranquility but also immerses you in the heart of Portugal’s wine culture.

5. Coimbra

Coimbra, a city steeped in history and academic tradition, offers a romantic backdrop for couples who revel in culture and charm. 

A visit to the University of Coimbra is a must, where you can explore one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world. The stunning Joanina Library, with its opulent baroque decor, provides a setting so enchanting that it feels like stepping into another era. It is perfect for couples who appreciate the romance of history.

End your day with a visit to Fado ao Centro, a cozy venue dedicated to Coimbra’s unique style of Fado music. The intimate performances of this deeply emotional and traditional Portuguese music provide a soul-stirring backdrop for an evening spent together, capturing the romantic spirit of Coimbra. 

6. Obidos

Nestled within ancient walls, Óbidos exudes a timeless charm that captivates couples at first sight. This medieval town is one of the most romantic places to visit in Portugal with its cobblestone streets and charming corners. 

For those seeking a cozy retreat, the Pousada Castelo de Óbidos offers enchanting accommodations within the castle walls, blending history with luxury.

Obidos best places to go in Portugal for couples

Walking through Óbidos, the vibrant bougainvillea and whitewashed houses create a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls. The town is famous for its cherry liqueur, Ginjinha. This is best enjoyed in a chocolate cup from one of the local vendors, offering a sweet moment to share.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the town’s bookshops, including the unique Livraria de Santiago, housed in a former church, providing a quaint backdrop for discovering new reads together. 

7. Sintra

Sintra, a town set amidst the lush Sintra Mountains on the Lisbon Coast, is known for its enchanting palaces and mystical gardens that seem to emerge straight from a fairy tale. Couples are drawn to the romantic ambiance of Pena Palace, with its vivid colors and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, offering a spectacular backdrop for memorable photos together in one of the top destinations in Portugal for couples.

Pena Palace day trip from Lisbon

Stay at the Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, an 18th-century palace turned luxury hotel, where elegance and history blend seamlessly, providing an opulent retreat after a day of exploration. 

A visit to the Quinta da Regaleira, with its gothic architecture, deep wells, and hidden tunnels, offers an adventure into the mystical. The gardens are perfect for leisurely walks, uncovering secret paths and romantic hideaways.

8. Cascais

Cascais, once a quaint fishing village and now a sophisticated seaside escape, offers couples a blend of natural beauty and chic leisure. Stroll along the palm-framed promenade of Passeio Marítimo, which leads to the scenic Boca do Inferno. This is where the sea powerfully crashes against the cliffs, creating a dramatic natural spectacle ideal for witnessing together during sunset.

For a taste of culture, the Paula Rego House of Stories museum showcases the intriguing work of the renowned Portuguese painter in a building as captivating as the art it houses. It’s a spot where couples can share their interpretations and insights, adding depth to their visit.

Cascais’ historic centre, with its labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, is filled with artisan shops and seafood restaurants. Dining here, especially at spots like Mar do Inferno, offers not just exquisite local dishes but also views over the Atlantic, making every meal a romantic event.

9. Evora

Evora, nestled in the heart of Alentejo, stands as a testament to Portugal’s rich history, offering couples a journey through time. This UNESCO World Heritage city is home to the Roman Temple of Evora, one of the best-preserved Roman structures on the Iberian Peninsula, providing a majestic backdrop for exploration and photography.

A visit to the Chapel of Bones, with its eerie yet fascinating interior adorned with human bones, offers a unique experience that is both thought-provoking and memorable. 

Evora Portugal temple of Diana

For a leisurely afternoon, the public garden Jardim Público de Évora offers a serene escape with its lush greenery and small ponds, perfect for a romantic picnic or a quiet stroll.

Evora’s historic centre, characterized by its cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses, is ideal for exploring hand in hand, discovering local crafts, and tasting regional specialties like the rich and savory Alentejo cuisine in traditional restaurants such as Taberna Típica Quarta-Feira, known for its authentic dishes and warm atmosphere.

Best Places to Go in Portugal for Couples Final Thoughts

Exploring the best places to visit in Portugal for couples unveils a plethora of romantic experiences. From the enchanting wine tours of Porto to the serene beaches of the Algarve and the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, Portugal is a haven for lovers. 

These spots promise memorable moments, blending cultural richness with natural beauty, ideal for couples looking to deepen their connection amidst Portugal’s scenic landscapes and vibrant cities.