The Best Day Trips from Rome You Don’t Want to Miss

There’s so much to do in the Eternal City of Rome, Italy. You could easily spend three, four, or even five full days there and still not explore all the top piazzas, fountains, and ancient ruins. Throw in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel and it’s a jam-packed vacation. But Rome is also the perfect base to explore other regions from the Bay of Naples to the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside. Leave a day free in your itinerary to discover the best Rome day trips. This guide has all the best options and most are easily accessible by fast trains!

11 Not to Miss Day Trips from Rome

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11 Rome Day Trips We Love

1. Florence

Distance from Rome: 176 miles/284 km

Travel time by train: 1 hr 45 m

Florence is one of the best destinations to visit in Italy. It’s worth spending a weekend in the Renaissance city, but one day is enough to see the highlights if you’re short on time. Just hop on a direct high-speed train from Roma Termini station to Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station.

Florence on Arno River bridges

You can’t visit Florence without heading to Piazza del Duomo and seeing the 13th-century marble cathedral in all its splendor. Piazza della Signoria is where you’ll find the famous Uffizi Gallery. Plus, there’s a replica of Michelangelo’s David if you don’t have time to see the real statue in the Accademia Gallery. Take a free walking tour with a local guide if you’re on a budget or spring for one of LivTours private tours for something personalized.

Florence has numerous restaurants with All’Antico Vinaio proving a popular choice for lunch on the go. Vivoli is one of the oldest homemade gelaterias and Acqua Al 2 is a cozy, well-located central restaurant serving traditional Florentine meals. Book ahead!

2. Siena

Distance from Rome: 145 miles/233 km

Travel time by bus: 2 hr 45 m

It’s possible to catch a fast train to Florence and change to a regional service to Siena from Rome. But it’s more direct to travel by local bus or FlixBus from Rome Tiburtina to Siena Central Station. You’ll shave around 40 minutes off your journey by avoiding the train too! Bus tickets are available on board but you should book online as they might sell out.

Sienna from above

Siena is a beautiful city in the Tuscan countryside with shady, narrow streets. It’s a great place if you’re seeking a compact and less crowded city than Rome to visit on your day trip.

Piazza del Campo is the beating heart of Siena’s historic center with its Gothic town hall, Palazzo Pubblico, stealing focus. Check out Siena Cathedral and splurge on a ticket to visit the roof. You’ll be treated to panoramic views across the Tuscan countryside!

Do as the locals do and grab a slice at Pizzeria Poppi Ivano. If you’d prefer to sit down and relax, Il Bargello is a quaint establishment serving fresh pasta dishes and light bites like charcuterie for lunch.

3. Pompeii

Distance from Rome: 149 miles/239 km

Travel time by train: 2 hr

It’s faster to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii from Rome via public transport than by car. Take a high-speed train from Roma Termini station to Napoli Centrale. Hop on local bus N. L1 heading towards Sorrento from Piazza Garibaldi in Naples to Pompei Scavi Villa Dei Misteri.

Pompeii is one of the best Rome day trips for couples and families with older kids. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, an entire town (including its people) became buried underneath the ash and lava. It preserved what a Roman city looked like in ancient times.

Ruins of Pompeii Naples day trip

Today, dozens of archaeological sites are dotted around Pompeii including the ancient Forum Baths, the Villa of Mysteries, and the Brothel. Explore Pompeii with expert guides to learn as much as possible on your day tour.

Sidestep the nearby McDonald’s and opt for casual fine dining at Mercato Pompeiano Restaurant or La Bettola Del Gusto. Both offer an impressive wine list and specialize in Italian seafood dishes.

4. Ostia Antica

Distance from Rome: 13 miles/21 km

Travel time by train: 25 m

Ostia Antica is one of the best day trips from Rome. It’s only a short train ride from Roma Porta S. Paolo station and the trains depart every 20 minutes. If you’re not staying near this train station, you can reach it via one of Rome’s metro stations on the blue Line B. Because it’s only a short distance from Rome, Ostia Antica would be a great half-day trip if you only have a little bit of time.

Like Rome, this seaside town is nestled on the Tiber River. It used to serve as the main port to Rome and is the right place to visit for historic sites built by the ancient Romans. Some top ancient ruins in Ostia Antica include the 2nd-century Teatro di Ostia amphitheater, The Forum Baths, and the Capitolium monument. You can get a real sense of daily life for the Romans here. It’s a must-visit for ancient history buffs who aren’t satisfied by the sites of Rome!

There aren’t many restaurants near the ruins, but there are gems on the outskirts of Ostia Antica. Head to Monumento, a top fish restaurant (you are by the coast!), or L’Alimentari for a casual lunch.

5. Orvieto

Distance from Rome: 80 miles/129 km

Travel time by train: 1 hr 30 m

Small villages like San Gimignano in the Tuscany region are pretty but prone to over-tourism. They’re also hard to reach via public transport. Instead, visit the hilltop picturesque town of Orvieto in the lesser-visited Umbria region. It’s a direct train ride from Roma Tiburtina station and a short bus journey up the mountain to the old town. Riding the funicular is an even better way to reach the top!

Madonna de San Brizio ceiling painting

Orvieto is known for its white wine production, stunning medieval architecture, and underground ancient buildings from the Etruscan period. Start at the Duomo di Orvieto, a 14th-century cathedral with a facade of shimmering mosaics. Explore Orvieto Underground, a network of 1,200 caves and tunnels over 3,000 years old.

Finish your day at Enoteca al Duomo wine bar to sample some of the region’s best grapes—wine tasting pairs well with the Italian summer heat. Trattoria Vinosus is a mid-priced restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Duomo but it’s not a tourist trap. This family-run restaurant offers a small menu with Umbrian dishes and lunchtime classics like carbonara.

6. Tivoli

Distance from Rome: 20 miles/32 km

Travel time by train/bus: 1 hr 30 m

Tivoli is one of the best Rome day trips. This hilltop town was of major importance during Ancient Rome with not one, but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s not as straightforward or fast to reach from Rome considering its proximity, but it is doable. You can catch a direct bus from Roma Tiburtina station to Tivoli. Or, take a regional train to Guidonia-Montecelio-S. Angelo and then a bus to Tivoli. 

The UNESCO sites you should visit are the two villas of Tivoli: Villa Adriana (also known as Hadrian’s Villa) and Villa d’Este. Emperor Hadrian ruled over Rome in the second century AD and his 40-hectare estate is covered in the remains and ruins of grand buildings.

Villa d’Este is a completely different estate. Once owned by a Cardinal in the 16th century, it’s now a national museum with beautiful gardens, grand water features as big as a small lake, lush vegetation, and ornate sculptures. 

Only a short walk from Villa d’Este is La Fornarina. It’s an informal pizzeria with outdoor seating perfect for lunch.

7. Sorrento/Amalfi Coast

Distance from Rome: 164 miles/264 km

Travel time by train: 2 hr 35 m

Sorrento is the gateway to the small towns dotted along the scenic Amalfi Coast. Naples has the closest station to Sorrento with high-speed trains from Rome. You could take a one-hour train from Roma Termini Station to Napoli Centrale and then hop on the local L1 bus service from Piazza Garibaldi in Naples to Sorrento. Another option is to hire a private car to drive from Rome to Amalfi. This will allow you to see other towns like Salerno, Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento.

Sorrento marina

The right place to find the most iconic view of a beach with pastel houses sprinkled on a hilltop in Amalfi is Positano Spiaggia. This region is famous for its lemons and limoncello production, so stop by the Limoncello di Labadia distillery in Sorrento.

Eat lunch at Fauno Bar in Sorrento. This restaurant serves casual yet traditional Neapolitan pizza and pasta. There’s also an outdoor terrace overlooking Piazza Tasso so you can people-watch.

8. Assisi

Distance from Rome: 109 miles/175

Travel time by train: 2 hr 20 m

Catch a direct train from Roma Termini station to Assisi Stazione in the region of Umbria. However, the journey to the old town of Assisi doesn’t end there. You’ll need to take a taxi or hop on a local bus up to the ancient town. It’s a great day trip from Rome for people who want to delve into the religious history of Italy.

Assisi is well-known as the birthplace of St. Francis, one of Italy’s patron saints. There is an abundance of ancient sites connected to St. Francis, including the 13th-century Gothic Basilica. It has two levels and was built on the edge of the hilltop town overlooking the Umbrian countryside.

The best part of this church isn’t the medieval frescoes painted by Giotto and Cimabue but the crypt. It holds the stone sarcophagus of St. Francis which you can see up close. The church of San Pietro, Basilica di Santa Chiara, and Cathedral of San Rufino (where St. Francis was baptized) are also worth visiting.

One of the best options for Assisi dining is Ristorante il Vicoletto. It’s hidden down a side street and has cozy stone arched ceilings for an intimate feel, plus tasty dishes.

9. Sperlonga

Distance from Rome: 80 miles/128 km

Travel time by car: 2 hr 10 m

The temperature can crank up no matter where you go in Italy during the summer. One of the best Rome day trips is to check out a beach town like Sperlonga. There are no public transport options, but you can rent a car.

Sperlonga stretches across the southeast coast of the Lazio region about halfway between Rome and Naples. Its main beach – just named Sperlonga Beach – stretches for three miles. You’ll find parking and no less than six lidos (private beach clubs) along this soft, sandy shore.

Sperlonga beach near Rome day trip

When you’re bored of sunbathing and swimming, check out the views from Torre Truglia. Visit the Villa Di Tiberio archaeological site if you’re having withdrawal from ancient Roman ruins.

One of the top tips when heading to the coast (any coast!) is to eat fish wherever possible. Restaurant Il Porticciolo is a seafood restaurant overlooking Sperlonga marina and close to the beach.

10. Naples

Distance from Rome: 139 miles/224 km

Travel time by train: 1 hr 10 m

If you want to visit another big city on your day trip from Rome, you have two options: Florence or Naples. The latter wins in ease and distance. Several direct high-speed trains travel south from Roma Termini station to Napoli Centrale every hour. While Florence is known for its refined art heritage, Naples is famous for being rough around the edges.

One of the best things to do in Naples is to take a guided hike up Mount Vesuvius, one of three active volcanoes in Italy.

Explore some of the city’s historic exhibits like the National Archaeological Museum or the 16th-century Sansevero Chapel. Walk out to the port and explore Ovo Castle, a former royal castle and 13th-century fortress built by the Normans.

But no one would blame you for doing little else than eating on your day trip to Naples. This city invented pizza, for goodness sake! If you are traveling without a guide, you might want to book a Naples food tour to sample the best of the city.

Or create a tour on your own. Finding the ‘best’ Neapolitan pizza is a minefield. Every restaurant claims to have the best and everyone who visits claims they’ve eaten the best. Head to L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Gino e Toto Sorbillo, or Antica Pizzeria Di Matteo and you can’t go wrong. Just be prepared to wait in line.

11. Capri

Distance from Rome: 163 miles/262 km

Travel time by transport: 3 hr 40 m

Travel by train from Roma Termini to Naples Garibaldi Station, then by bus to Naples Maritime Station, and finally by ferry to the Isle of Capri. Yes, it’s a lot! Book one of the organized small group Rome tours to Capri instead of DIYing the journey. This will allow you to relax on your island day trip from Rome.

island of Capri

Capri is an idyllic island in the Bay of Naples. Weather permitting, the best thing to see here is the Blue Grotto. It’s a sea cave only accessible by boat where the sunlight makes the water appear a vibrant shade of blue. Shop for souvenirs on Via Camerelle and enjoy island views from the island’s center, Piazzetta di Capri.

Order a cone from Buonocore Gelateria to enjoy as you stroll around after dining at Ristorante Panorama Capri. Prices for food and amenities are higher in Capri than in most other parts of Italy so prepare to spend a little more. At least this restaurant offers unrivaled views across the Bay of Naples and serves a mean caprese salad.

Discover the Best Rome Day Trips for Your Italian Vacation

Thanks to frequent intercity and regional trains, there are many destinations you can visit easily and quickly from the Italian capital. You can relax on the beach in Sperlonga, sample island life on Capri, or enjoy the highlights of another historic city in Florence. I hope this guide has helped you narrow down the best Rome day trips for your city break!